Heartsies are sweet choco coated heart shaped biscuits. Fall in love with these bite sized goodies that will surely eat your heart out once you bite into its milk chocolatey goodness. Give a little love in every bite from our newest snack from Snackeroo! Hello Heartsies!

The Big Idea

Heartsies are fun heart-shaped, bite-sized, sweet chocolatey biscuits that are perfect for kids and the kids-at-heart. It may serve as a dessert for adults and young professionals, as well as perfect playtime snack for kids.

Heartsies promotes feelings of love, sweetness, romance and excitement. Encourages kids to be creative and imaginative, just like how its shape is unique.

Available at the following outlets:

Heartsies are finally available for purchase at Waltermart and Robinsons supermarkets near you!