Snackeroo is a brand dedicated to providing a whole new snacking experience through a variety of happy, fun-filled and nutritious snacks catered to all ages.

Brand Promise

The Snackeroo promise is to provide the best of both worlds, offering breakthrough snacks that are both yummy and nutritious at the same time; for a fun-filled experience that imbibe positive values.

The company behind Snackeroo

Ritz Food Product Corporation is a Philippine manufacturer of biscuits and candies, the company behind the production and distribution of Khong Guan biscuits to the local market since 1982.

The company began formulating and developing its own line of biscuits and shifted to manufacturing new products such as chocolates and other candies.

Today, Ritz Food Product Corporation continues its mission and vision in providing delicious, innovative and affordable snacks for our local consumers and to the worldwide market.

Ritz Food Product Corporation